Printing on Ceramic Tile in Pattaya

Ceramic tile, porcelain tile is one of the most asked-for Print on Ceramic tile in Pattayafinishing  materials in construction and repair. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, reliability, moisture resistance and ecological safety, ceramic tile has become widespread at any kinds of objects - living and public places, educational establishments, public catering establishments, hotels, etc. With UV-LED technology any image (i.e. photo) can be printed on ceramic tile.


To apply an image on the tile white matt (or textured) glazed or porcelain tile suits the best. If tile is used in places with increased humidity (bathroom, swimming pool) or for outside walls of buildings, the tile after the print should be additionally covered with protective lacquer coat.

Decorative tile will give a wonderful finishing to any bathroom, water closet, living-room with fireplace, kitchen walls.

For business we suggest theme decorative design for inside and outside walls of restaurants, cafes, entertainment and sports centres.

Print on Ceramic Tile

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